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lauralyn [userpic]
My Reira cosplay at Ohayocon
by lauralyn (lavendeer)
at January 7th, 2008 (01:16 am)

I cosplayed as Reira for Ohayocon this past weekend and I thought I would share with everyone!

This is the only picture I have right now. I got my picture taken at the Deathcom.net booth and then I scanned it in (that's why it's a little grainy and washed out).


Here is the reference picture


The dress is fully lined and with boning and a zip closure in the back. I spray painted and glued on all the flowers. It was very easy to make, but time consuming with all the painting and glueing. It was too bad that I couldn't find any one else cosplaying a NANA character :(